Sayyid Ibraheem Zakzaky

Sayyid Ibraheem Zakzaky
Sayyid Ibraheem Zakzaky (Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria)

Monday, 3 November 2014

Attack on Ashura Procession in Potiskum

Today the 3rd of November (11th of Muharram 1435), The Islamic Movement in Nigeria conducted processions to commemorate the tragedy of Ashura in 40 cities across Nigeria with hundreds of thousands of participants. The procession was successfully completed successfully in all cities including Potiskum, Yobe State. After the procession there was a bomb blast in the midst of the participants, most of the victims were children participating in the re-enactment of the event of Karbala. As the bomb explodes the Army engaged the surrounding with sporadic shooting with an armored tank. Presently, 28 have been confirmed dead and nearly a hundred wounded with limited access to medical assistance as the roads to hospitals have been blocked by the military. Suhaila Ibraheem.

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